Anger Management

One and one half hour a week class held for 10 weeks for individuals seeking help in acquiring skills to appropriately deal with anger without the use of violence or threats.The ten weeks of classes will cover anger management’s essential treatment components and include 12 specific sections of anger management therapy.

Essential components

Understanding Anger- definitions;

Understanding of specific techniques to de-escalate the cycle of anger.

Develop self control over thoughts and actions and development of a personal Anger Management plan with immediate, short term and long term


1. Overview of anger management treatment

2. Events and cues

3. Anger control plans

4. The aggression cycle

5. Cognitive restructuring

6. Review

7- 8. Assertiveness and the conflict resolution model

9- 10. Anger and the family

11. Review

12. Closing and Graduations

This course meets the MO Department of Corrections requirements for Successful completion of Anger Management and follows national evidence based treatment guidelines.

The cost of this course is $80.00.